Club Closure Mandated By The Ontario Government
On Friday, the Ontario Government announced further measures designed to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 and variants of concern. Beginning on Saturday, April 17th all tennis courts in Ontario have been ordered closed for at least the duration of the extended stay-at-home order which is currently scheduled to last until May 20th. 
Although today’s news is tremendously disappointing, we are hopeful that tennis will be one of the first outdoor activities to be reinstated after the stay-at-home order has been lifted. 
Please note that we will be proceeding with the court preparations, albeit with a slight delay and longer expected timeframe also due to the Government mandate. 
The Club will be off limits to members until further notice. We will provide further updates as they become available.

Dear Members,

In spite of the circumstances we find ourselves in we have had a wonderful Tennis season with fantastic courts, great weather and the charm of Cottingham.  Last March when the quarantine began, we wondered if in fact there would be a Tennisseason.  With flexibility, determination and significant support we were glad we were able to safely open Cottingham and even discover some new Cottingham traditions.  

This season has been sustained by some strong people; the board, the Covid 19 Committee, Gary and Michael & Team... all contributed to make this season possible and each deserve our gratitude. Sadly, the arrival of October means it’s time to prepare for the Club’s end of season.  

October 31st:  Our club closing date. We are hoping for a beautiful day where we can enjoy our last day of outdoor Tennis for the season.  We had looked into extending the closing date but due to court maintenance needs we cannot.

November 2nd: 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Cottingham AGM will be virtual this year via Zoom and will be held on November 2nd @ 6:30pm.

Thank you everyone for a great tennis season to date.

The 2020 Cottingham Tennis Club Board of Directors

On a more positive note we would like to congratulate our 2020 Club Champions in the following categories:


Ladies A Singles:Round Robin Winner:  Pam Campagnoni

Runner Up: Candida Fridman

Mens A  Singles:Winner:  George Virich

Runner Up: Barry Litman


Mens over 55s Singles:Winner: Frank Sabetti  Runner Up: Marc Pepin


Mens B SinglesWinner: Jonathan Ruben Runner Up: Howard Green


Congratulations to all that participated and to Gary Ingram and Jan Koelmel as tournament coordinators.


Thanks, be safe and enjoy the remainder of the tennis season.


The Cottingham Tennis Club

Dear Members,

A few updates to be aware of:

Doubles - with the latest Provincial announcements, we are pleased to announce that Toronto Tennis has approved Cottingham for Doubles! GameTime has been updated so when booking please select Doubles as the Type then you will be able to book four players per court time.

Guests - 
We are pleased to announce that Guests will now be allowed at Cottingham.
All Guests will be required to sign the club waiver and Guest Fees paid prior to play. Guests will be required to follow the same protocols as club members:

  • Please do not come to the club if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been exposed to an individual who has been confirmed with or is being investigated for Covid-19.

  • Members and Guests must wear masks while arriving and departing Club.

  • Members and Guests may only visit the Club if they have a confirmed online booking and arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled court time. Once play is complete, Members and Guests must leave the property immediately.

  • Members must include both Player’s and Guest’s names while booking.

Waivers - speaking of the waiver, several members have yet to complete the waiver. If you have not, please click HERE asap before your GameTime privileges mysteriously stop working! 

Washrooms - one small change to washroom usage… we are now going to use the upstairs washroom. As a reminder:

  • Close the lid when flushing

  • Please disinfect the washroom before and after using

  • Masks must be worn within the clubhouse

  • The washroom window must remain open

Code of Conduct - on a more serious note, we have experienced a number of Member issues that necessitate a reminder of our club’s Code of Conduct. Please click HERE to review and not that should you observe or be involved in an issue we ask that you please email the Board of Directors at:

Shout Outs – we would like to recognize certain Members and Staff for their contributions:

  • Our Professional Gary Ingram has been instrumental in preparing and maintaining the courts this year and we owe him special thanks for all of his efforts in this crazy year. Please consider a lesson or challenge him to a playing lesson at!! Clinics to a maximum of 6 will also be allowed so gather your friends and reach out directly.

  • At the beginning of the season we had a number of people on the COVID steering committee that assisted in the Club opening: Justina Klein, Jeanette Loakman, Joanne Eidinger, Mark Rubinstein and Joanna MacFarlane. We would like to thank them for their contributions.

  • We have had a number of Board changes and we would like to thank those Members who have stepped away: David Midanik, Chris Calderon, Heather Levine and Jacqueline Gibbons. Thank you for volunteering your time and for everything that you have done for the Club!

Best regards,

The Cottingham Tennis Club