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How To Use The Ball Machine


1. Go to the Cottingham Log In website and book COURT #5 in advance. 


2. For your playing partner, type in “Ball Machine” as the “member.”


3. Arrive EARLY to get help bringing it to the court. A club attendant will help you wheel the machine to court #5. You MUST move the machine with the cover on it and bring a separate basket of balls. Then load the machine when you get to court #5.


4. Position the machine so that YOU ARE AWAYS HITTING BALLS INTO THE CORNER OF COURT #5, CLOSE TO THE NETTING.  Your cross-court and down-the-line shots should aim for as far away from court #4 as possible! 


Feel free to experiment with the machine – height, speed, spin, etc. But please be respectful of anyone playing on the court next to you.


Be sure to put the remote control back into the slot in the back of the machine.


If you have any questions, the club attendants will know how to operate the machine.

The ball machine is now available for use on court #4 Monday to Friday from 7am - 9am

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