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Court Booking Rules:


There are three bookings allowed in a rolling week. For example, John books a court Monday, Wednesday and Friday and therefore uses up his three bookings in a rolling week. After his Monday game, he has now freed up one booking and is free to book another court.


The longest you can book in advance is a week.


You cannot have more than three bookings a week. However, at 8am each morning, members can book a court that day which does not count towards your three bookings a week rolling maximu (if there are open courts). 

For example, Joe and Peter book a 4pm court tomorrow (they book it tonight though, Thursday). Tomorrow (Friday) at 8am, they could book another court at 5pm. That way they can have two bookings in a day and the second one does not count towards their rolling three. You cannot have more than one booking the night before though. If they wanted, they could schedule their bookings back to back or spread it out throughout the day.

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