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2024 Cottingham Lessons and Clinics

Please check this page frequently since clinics and programs will change throughout the season.


* See bottom of page for descriptions of the clinics. *


Lesson prices:


Private lesson (1 hour):         $90 + HST

Semi-private:                         $100 + HST

Group lesson for 3:                $120 + HST

Group lesson for 4:                $120 + HST


Adult Clinics:                                             $30 per person (4 people) + HST

Adult Clinics: (if only 2 people sign up)  $50 per person + HST

Live Ball Clinics:                                       $25 per person (6 people required) + HST



7-8 a.m.          Feeding Frenzy

9-10 a.m.        Live Ball

2-3 p.m.          3.5 level clinic



7-8 a.m.           Feeding Frenzy

2-3 p.m.           3.0-3.5 level clinic



12-1 p.m.        Shot of the Week

2-3 p.m.          3.0-3.5 doubles clinic



7-8 a.m.          Tennis is fitness

12-1 p.m.        Lunchtime feeding frenzy



7-8 a.m.          Feeding Frenzy

9-10 a.m.        Live Ball


NOTE: Please sign up for a particular clinic during the week before the clinic.



Feeding Frenzy: This clinic is suitable for all levels of play. Just be ready to hit hundreds of balls and keep your feet moving in this feeding clinic!


Live Ball: Live ball is an exciting/competitive new addition to Cottingham. Please be at minimum a 3.5 level player. Here is a link to more detailed description:


Shot of the Week: This clinic is great for any/all level players who want to work on our "shot of the week." We will rotate 5 different themes weekly throughout the summer.  Make it part of your weekly schedule or drop in when you see a shot you want to brush up on.


Week 1: Forehand and Backhand rally ball

Week 2: Second serve

Week 3: Mastering drop shots and lobs

Week 4: Attacking weak second serves

Week 5: Finesse shots: slice, drop shot, short angle, drop volley

After week 5, we repeat.


Tennis is Fitness: In this clinic, we will utilize footwork patterns to help players move more effectively around the court/improve coordination/get a terrific work-out and have fun doing it.  3.0 minimum level but more importantly, be ready to move and be physically up for an intense work-out.


To book lessons or clinics with either Sam Jonas or Adam Dykes, please contact them directly using the contact information below.


Sam Jonas (416) 890-6295


Adam Dykes


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