Members: Membership shall not be refused on the grounds of race, creed, colour, national origin, political or religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family relationship or disability excluding those who belong to groups that espouse intolerance, racism, hatred or violence.  A “Member” shall be considered “in good standing,” if he or she is not in arrears of fees nor has acted against following the objects of the clubs, nor has been suspended nor otherwise sanctioned for violation of the club’s bylaws, rules and regulations, nor has acted against the general interest of the club resulting in suspension.


Tennis Attire: Players shall wear tennis clothing and tennis court shoes. Clothing with offensive wording or logos, and soiled clothing are not allowed.  Any shoes that may damage the courts may not be worn - to be determined by the court attendant or, the club pro or a board member.  Shirts shall be worn at all times. Membership tags shall be displayed at all times. The Court Managers shall refuse playing time to Members and Guests who are not properly attired and specifically not wearing tennis court shoes.


Clubhouse:  Pets, bicycles, in-line skates, smoking, and alcohol are not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the courts.  Smoking of any type is not permitted in the Clubhouse on club grounds, or within a 9 metre radius of the tennis club.  No Member, Guest or employee shall bring into the Clubhouse or club grounds any beer, wine, or spirits, nor shall he or she consume any beer, wine, or spirits in the Clubhouse or on the clubhouse grounds except as authorized by law for licensed events.

Liability for lost or stolen property: The club is not responsible for tennis racquets, equipment or personal effects stored in the Clubhouse or lockers, or left on the premises.

Pets:  Pets are allowed, however, any pet that disturbs any member by barking etc must be removed with forthwith.  Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the courts. All pet waste must be removed and discarded

Announcements: All communication including bulletin board postings, mailings and/or flyer distribution for the benefit of the membership shall be administered and managed by the Communications Director.


Guest Attendance: 


We are pleased to announce that Guests will now be allowed at Cottingham.
All Guests will be required to sign the club waiver and pay a $15 Guest Fee prior to play. Guests will be required to follow the same protocols as club members:

  • Please do not come to the club if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been exposed to an individual who has been confirmed with or is being investigated for Covid-19.

  • Members and Guests must wear masks while arriving and departing Club.

  • Members and Guests may only visit the Club if they have a confirmed online booking and arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled court time. Once play is complete, Members and Guests must leave the property immediately.

  • Members must include both Player’s and Guest’s names while booking.

Conduct and Discipline

Conduct: Members and Guests will conduct themselves on the premises in a courteous and responsible manner.  We strive to preserve a pleasant and respectful environment both on and off the court, so that all members can use and enjoy the club’s facilities to the fullest extent. The highest level of sportsmanship, courtesy, respect for others, and fair play is expected. The following are expectations to which all club members, guests/visitors, tennis professionals, and parents must adhere to with fellow members, staff and coaching professionals:

  • Respect toward others regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation, race, culture or religion.

  • Respect for all Club property and facilities, including but not limited to courts, nets, teaching equipment, grooming equipment, furnishings, supplies, and appliances.

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of fellow players, coaches, attendants and spectators. 

  • Members do not have the authority to instruct employees on duties or job performance or to discipline employees of the Club. 

  • The conduct of an employee or member shall not be made the subject of personal reprimand by a member or their guest. The Club encourages open and respectful dialogue about the Club and its operations. Comments, suggestions, and complaints regarding the Club’s betterment, its members and employees are welcome; however, the Club requests that members refrain from making (whether verbally or in writing) any unprofessional, inflammatory, or disparaging remarks about the Club, its members, guests, or employees. Complaints or disputes arising from the interpretation, application, and enforcement of the house and sports rules shall be communicated, in writing, to the Board of Directors. 

  • Refrain from conduct, which could be regarded as sexual or other discrimination, harassment or bullying towards fellow players. 

  • Respect the talent, potential and development of fellow players and competitors

  • Inappropriate language and/or aggressive behaviour or any form of bullying will not be tolerated

  • Any statement or behaviour that is reasonable for an individual to interpret as a threat to use physical force that would or could cause injury will not be tolerated and may result in immediate loss of court privileges, removal from the premises and further sanctions described below.

  • Harassment will not be tolerated. Harassment is defined as engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome and may result in immediate loss of court privileges, removal from the premises, and further sanctions described below.

  • Pictures are only to be taken by consent of the subject

  • Please follow the direction of the club attendant with regards to club rules, court usage and tennis attire 

  • Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests follow this Code of Conduct, and are responsible for ensuring that the guest fees are paid.


Anyone who fails to follow the Code of Conduct as judged by a majority of the Board of Directors may lose their good standing at Cottingham Tennis Club and be sanctioned. The Board of Directors will at its discretion determine the appropriate sanction(s), which may include but is/are not limited to:

  • Suspension of playing privileges or membership, either for a prescribed period or permanently on such terms as the Board of Directors shall determine and with no refund of fees

  • Corrective action (warning) in writing

  • In the case of non-members, failure to abide by this Code of Conduct may result in a requirement to vacate the premises and prohibition from returning either for a prescribed period or permanently, on such terms as the Board of Directors shall determine.

  • Any sanction imposed may be appealed, in writing, to any member of the Board of Directors. The Board’s decision in matters of discipline or policy is final.

A complaint by any member / staff against another member, visitor, guest, parent or tennis professional alleging a failure to follow the Code of Conduct must be made in writing (or email) to the President, or any other member of the Board of Directors, following the Reporting Process shown below.

Complaint/Incident Reporting Process

Any complaint should be made as soon as possible after the incident while the details are still fresh in your mind, and should include the following information:

  • Your name, phone number, email address

  • Date and time of incident

  • Names of any witnesses

  • Name of offender(s)

  • Full details of the incident including what led up to the incident, who was involved, and the outcome

  • Date incident report is being submitted

If no written complaint is received by the board, the board will not take action

Members, Club Employees, and Board Members should provide a written report outlining the time, date, place, specific nature of the actions and person(s) involved to the board as soon as practical after the incident. Verbal reports of such incidents are acceptable, and must be followed in writing.


  1. The board consider complaints against Members and Employees.

  2. The board will immediately consider written report of the incident which may result in immediate temporary suspension of club privileges without written notice. 

  3. The alleged Member will be given notice in writing by e-mail, (and the complainant blind copied), outlining the time, date, place and specific actions alleged.

  4. The alleged Member shall respond within 5 calendar days of the date of the letter received so that the board may review the allegations.

  5. The board will send a copy of its decision with reasons and its actions to the alleged Member by e mail (and the complainant blind copied).

  6. The board will use its discretion to suspend, terminate or restrict the alleged Member’s privileges and where applicable, grant partial refunds less administration fees.

  7. The board, in its discretion, may hear oral evidence.

  8. A member may only appeal a decision which effectively terminates that member’s 
    club membership. All other decisions are final.

  9. All decisions of the board shall take effect immediately upon notification of the person concerned, unless otherwise specified by the board.

  10. No minutes of the board regarding a discipline hearing ,or the fact that same occurred, shall be reflected in the minutes where the complaint did not result in a finding of misconduct. The person concerned and the complainant shall be notified by email as to the result. Board minutes shall only reflect that a hearing was held and no misconduct found. No member ‘s name shall be mentioned.

  11. Where a finding of misconduct is made, the board shall keep a record of same. The said finding may be used by the board in determining a further sanction if there is a subsequent misconduct hearing for the same member.

  12. Where a finding of misconduct is made, the minutes available for circulation to the membership shall only reflect the nature of the complaint, the board’s finding , the penalty and the member’s name.

Hours of Operations: 

The Club operation hours are from 7 am to dusk on weekdays and 8 am to dusk on weekends and holidays.  The club will be closed during inclement weather and when the courts are correspondingly out of play due to weather.  The club is open to the public  from 10 am – 12 pm and 2 - 4 pm Monday to Friday for a fee of $15.00. 


Court Change Times: The clock in the Court Manager’s Office is the official time. The playing period is sixty minutes (60) with courts 1 and 2 beginning on the half hour and courts 3, 4 and 5 beginning on the hour.


Schedule Events: Tournaments, Ladder, Inter-County, Lessons and Round Robins play take precedence when scheduled. Dates and times of such events shall be posted in advance. Members reserving courts immediately following such events shall (i) inherit time not required for the event, or (ii) donate extra time needed to complete the event. When a block of courts has been reserved for events, no courts within the block shall be used for regular play until all matches within the block have been completed.


Court periods following Public time shall inherit any interim between the close of Public play and the beginning of Permitted Hours of Operation. See “Permitted Hours of Operation”, Three (3) courts shall remain available to the Members at all times.

Court Reservations: All booking is done online.

Doubles play takes priority when there is only one court available OR when courts are busy.

When courts are busy, we ask that members who have already played give precedence to others who have not, so that all members arriving at the Club have an opportunity to use the courts.


Members will respect the court attendant when guiding the court selection 


Professional coaching by Club-designated pro only; the Club Pro has use of Court 5 for lessons.

A limit of three balls per court.  Exceptions include court 5 when lessons are in progress, and on court 5 only for practice if adjacent court is empty (at discretion of the Clubhouse attendant.)

Rainouts: Playing on wet or damp courts shall not be permitted. 

Court Etiquette

  • Access to Courts 2, 3, 4 and 5 via north side only; use first gate north of Court 1

  • Wait until a point is over before walking behind a court where a match is in progress or opening a gate

  • To retrieve a ball from another court or to return a ball to another court, wait until the players have completed a point

  • If there is any doubt as to whether a ball is out or good, you must give your opponent the benefit of the doubt and call the ball as good. You should not play a let.

  • It is your obligation to call all balls on your side, to help your opponent make calls when the opponent requests it and to call against yourself any balls that you clearly see out on your opponents side of the net

  • Any “out” or “let” call must be made instantaneously, that is, made before either an opponent has hit the return or the return has gone out of play, otherwise the ball continues in play

  • Do not enlist the aid of spectators in making line calls

  • If you call a ball out and then realize it was good, correct your call

  • To avoid controversy over the score, the Server should announce the set score before starting the game, and the game score prior to serving each point

  • If players cannot agree on the score, they may go back to the last score, on which there was agreement and resume play from that point

  • Foot faults are not permitted. If an opponent persists in foot faulting after being warned not to do so, the Referee should be informed

  • Turn-off all pagers, beepers and cellphones so that noises shall not disturb or distract other players

  • Refrain from loud talking or laughter on or near the courts, and retain pets away from the courts, so those players shall not be distracted by noises



If your ball goes over the fence into a backyard, please ask the homeowner to return the ball or request permission before entering their yard.

Members should keep noise to a minimum in consideration of neighbours, particularly on courts 1 and 5.



For the 2020 season, parking at Cottingham Public School is not allowed.