Formed in 2016, The Gardening Group at Cottingham Tennis Club is made up of avid members who enjoy beautifying our precious green space oasis in mid-town Toronto.


In four years we have created flower beds from scratch along the fence line, planted shrubs, small trees and perennials in the perimeter surrounding the lawn and replanted the bed banking the club house verandah.


All of this done during the tennis season; digging, weeding, raking, composting, watering, laying in newbies and enjoying some tasty treats and laughs together.

If you can’t resist the urge to be one with the earth, up front and close with the birds and the bees we need you and would love to have you join us.


Please e-mail: <>
Jacqueline Gibbons,
Committee Guidance and Chair, 2020


Our active members during 2019 included: Virginia Spence, Henry Brenzel, Chris Sawicki, Miliko Lekich, Virginia Baldwin, Peter Woods, Mike Wilson, Shukie Halfon, Phyllis Earley and Susan Wallace.